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Castilla y Leon, Spain

Fabio Bartolomei born in Scotland, with Italian roots. Moved to Spain in 2001 to start making wine of his own in a small Garages in Villarejo, in the outskirts of Avila. Previously he was studying finance and accounting, aswell working as a Translator from almost twenty years. Fabio Started out without any from of studies within winemaking it was all for the love of it. Going on pure instinct, from the start he was making natural wine without even realising it. it wasn’t until 2009 when he ran into the “professional world of wine” he realised. What we love about Fabio is, he is true to his work and the truth also is delivered on his bottle, the etiquette is outlining exactly what goes in his wines, what’s not added and his processes to make the wines. His wines are full of character and this directly translate to Fabio.

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