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Emilia Romagna, Italy

Andrea Cervini’s wines are some of the most soulful, passionate and rich orange wines we have ever tasted and they reflect the vigneron in all aspects: they are sincere, warm-hearted and thoroughly genuine. Andrea farms more than organically 4 hectares of mostly Malvasia di Candia, Bonarda and Barbera in the Val Trebbia valley in the Piacenza Hills of Western Emilia Romagna, where he also runs his beautiful agriturismo. His winemaking is lovingly traditional and strictly natural, with long skin contacts for both reds and whites and the patience and sensitivity to wait for fermentations to finish slowly and for the wines to be released only at the right time, sometimes even 7-8 years. The elephant on the labels recalls the 218 B.C. Battle of the River Trebbia, where Hannibal’s troops defeated Rome’s legions, leaving only one of their elephants surviving.

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