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Lazio, Italy

Family farm Founded in 2007 by Beatrice Arweiler and her family, around a small house four hectares of land situated in Lubriano overlooking the “Calanchi dell’alta tuscia”. Originally was a meant for farming olives and producing olive oil. It didn’t take long until the plantation of vines began in 2010, planting varieties of the areas, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo for the reds and Grechetto d’Umbria, Trebbiano and Vermentino for the whites. priority is, above all, to respect nature. practicing a clean agriculture applying the principles of biodynamic. In the vineyard the grapes are cultivated without the use of herbicides, fertilizers and chemical treatments. The harvest is done by hand, controlling every bunch. The fermentation takes place only with the naturally occurring, without any addition of sulphites, enzymes and activators even after fermentation.

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