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Tokaj, Hungary

Tímea Éless was born in Tállya and spent most of her childhood there. Her grandparents worked with vineyards as well as vine grafting, which explains why her love for grapes developed naturally. In 2009, she was more than happy to take over the 0.3 hectare plot from her grandfather. She only makes single vineyard wines from Tökösmály, Bártfai, Sípos and Palota – dűlő around the village of Tállya in the north-west part of Tokaj.

The rocky rhyolitic tuff soil mixed with rich luvisol, produces high quality grapes and wines with a crisp acidity and complex flavor profile. The 7 ha vineyard is planted mainly with 60 - 80 years old vines of Furmint and Hárslevelű. From the very beginning, Tímea has cultivated her vineyards in harmony with nature using no chemicals and avoiding completely synthetic pesticides. Her ultimate goal is to achieve a balanced interaction between man and nature in order to produce pristine wines. Timea wants to preserve the purity of the fruit so she ferments in porcelain eggs and stainless steel tanks. She was very excited to follow the development of her wines in “egg” when she first used it in 2014. The special porcelain vessel with 12 mm walls induces a constant flow so the wines develop a smoother texture and a powerful character.

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