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Mallorca, Spain

One of the most lnfluential winemakers on the island and also local hero within the natural wine movement, putting Mallorca on the map. Eloi Cedo, from Tivissa Tarragona, has worked with Oriol Castells of Alvaro Palacios in the Priorat and Luis Antoine Luyt in Chile, as well as 4kilos in the village of Felanitx, Mallorca were the side his own personal project began; Sistema Vinari. Produced his first commercial vintage 2012 together with Francesc Grimalt and Sergi Caballero, Cható Pqta (the wines is a tribute and homage to his mother Paquita) that quickly became a cult classic. Eloi bought a small plot in Son Valls in Felanitx, consisting of local varietals like callet, Manto Negro & Fogoneu to name a few. 2019 Eloi moved his project in to the cellars of Cati Ribot, where he now resides, helping her transition to making natural wines, without any additions. Continuing to his own project, with more freedom and possibility of making more Cuvée’s.

Eloi Cedó describes the birth of Sistema Vinari in 2010 as an “absurd bet”, and from there the member of the 4 kilos Vinícola family began to produce a wine to enjoy with friends… with the grapes that they gave him as a gift. He does not put the first bottles of Château Paquita on sale but exchanges them for local products from other winegrowers, which is outside the framework of legality, and represents one of the first peculiarities of the beginning of this project. But in 2012, the bet became a reality and he produced a wine with the help of Francesc Grimalt and Sergi Caballero, which this time was marketed! Marked by the Mediterranean winds of Mallorca, these micro productions are wines to take into account. Eloi has been working in the real forefront of the natural wine movement here on the island and a highly sought after winemaker, and his early wines are treated as collector items even. We are proud to have Eloi as a neighbor too in Felanitx, and on another note…

Eloi Cedó and Nacho Martínez were the winning couple of the 15th Vila Viniteca tasting 2023. Not just the price money but all the recognition of a sector that understands the heroic task of determining varieties, origin and brand, among other parameters, of fourteen wines - seven in the qualifying phase and seven in the final - from all over the planet and which they had to determine from a completely blind tasting.

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