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Mallorca, Spain

Mallorcas very own powerhouse! Carlos Rodríguez Furthmann also known as the “Drum Father” playing Drums in the tribute band “Samba Pa Ti” started making wine of his own in 2011 whilst working in another winery. The Winemaker carlos worked for at the time had made a test barrel of Gargollassa and wasn’t happy to with the outcome , whilst Carlos Saw potential in the wine, he decided to blend to vintages another giving birth to “Gargo” one of the first Low intervention wines from Mallorca. This then led him to open up a winery of his own Selva Vins together with his business partner and wife 2016 in Selva a small village on the centre of island. Carlos is one of the first producers on the island to make vivid authentic Majorcan wines with low intervention, having more than 20 years of experience working with the Local varieties. He possesses big knowledge about local wines. Every year he follows each vineyard closely from his supplies as Carlos doesn’t grow grapes of his own, Except for his small plot of Malvasia Located north of the island next to the sea in the village of Estellenc. This plot makes his “Malva” Cuvées which is regarded as one of the best white wines coming from the island.

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