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Loire, France

Laurent Saillard has a long history in the restaurant industry. Working front of house at Balthazar in New York when it opened, they had a list full of classics of old world wine. Eventually some wines snuck on the list from people like Claude Courtois and Laurent's curiosity was opened to this - other world of wine. So much so that he opened a restaurant with his then partner, that was one of the first places to exclusively sell natural wine in New York. Eventually after many trips to the Loire for the fairs in February and becoming friendly with many winemakers there he decided he wanted to make wine himself. 

He started off working with other growers, namely Noella Morantin, making a little wine on the side to sell. Eventually after a few years he was offered the surface of Clos Roche Blanche when the owners wanted to sell. He did not want the whole vineyard and got another winemaker friend who he had worked with at Noella's to share the vineyard. The rest is history. 

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