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Champagne, France

The Ruppert Leroy domaine was born in 1980 when vigneron Benedicte Leroy’s parents, who until then were sheep farmers, converted their land to vineyards, seeking from the very beginning to work fully naturally and produce terroir-driven champagne. The estate, which was certified organic in 2008 and biodynamic by Demeter in 2014, comprises 4 hectares in Essoyes, in the Aube region of Champagne on the Côte des Bar and sees the classical varieties of Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. Every single bottle shines with a brightly vibrant personality and each label comes from a single vintage, single parcel (Lieu-Dit) and sees no dosage. 


In 2009, Bénédicte took over the domaine along with her husband Manu Leroy, under the condition that they could farm organically and make their own wines. Using his background in ecological construction, Manu built a straw bale winery on the family property, followed by a log-cabin home. In addition to the vineyards, Bénédicte and Manu run a small farm complete with horses, cows, sheep, and chickens, as well as grow their own grains. They embrace all of the biodynamic principles, creating their own compost and preparations, and have become an integral part of the biodynamic movement in France. Their quest for the simplest winemaking has lead them toward the spirit of ‘vin nature’. Each cuvée comes from a single vintage of a single vineyard and is bottled ‘brut nature’ with no dosage. Since the 2013 vintage, no sulfur is used at the winery. 

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