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Burgenland, Austria

Gerhard Pittnauer started making wine at 18 years of age, after the unexpected passing of his father. the times weren’t easy and the young winemaker was literally start of by learning on his own, experimenting, failing until he found a way that worked for him. Setting him on a path of conventional farming and winemaking. I wasn’t until a few years ago Gerhard Started changed his framing with Biodynamics methods. it was a big risk he says but something that has actually worked out very well for him and his wife Birgitte. Now the winery are producing Natural wines with small additions of S02. “Even my winemaking approach is a rather puristic one (no additions besides sulfur, in case of BF dogma not even sulfur), I don´t want to make a faith of it after all. I am aware, that “leaving out” also can be a strong stylistic device; particularly in vintages with low sugar ripeness, like 2014 in Austria, that low alcohol can be a unique selling point. But both, market and production in terms of wine are so diverse, that there is a place for everyone and everything. Being vintner and winemaker is not a cakewalk, most of the time. Considering this, I respect different attitudes and styles, even if I prefer wines, reduced to essential – in making and drinking.” – Gerhard

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