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Balatonfüred, Hungary

Small family winery on the north side of lake Balaton. Located on the north-east part of the lake. The winery is in Balatonfüred. The vineyards are all around the region in 15 km radius. They work on 2 hectares in 4 different plots, and have vineyards in different exposures. All the vineyards are organic, not certified yet. Harvest everything by hand. The winemaking is quite simple; it's all the white grapes being pressed directly with the whole cluster. The reds have different vinification, some are directly pressed, some are carbonic macerated for short period 5-10 days, and some are destemmed by hand and fermented for 2-3 weeks. All the wines are fermented in barrel (228-500 liter) and aged on the fermentation lees. No use any sulphur during these processes. They bottle the wines after one racking, without fining and filtration. 

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