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Penedès, Spain

The two Architects Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori from Piedmont Italy, a couple married for more than 15 years bought and old winery small village of Bonastre north of Tarragona, Spain in search for a more sustainable life. Which they have transformed to their beautiful winery Partida Creus out of recycled materials, turning it back to life. The Massís de Bonastre (Baix Penedés), is a protected forest area, is characterized by its clay and limestone soils. There they began to grow all kinds of local foods, but had trouble finding wines made in the same style, so they began to make their own, recovering old vines of local grape varieties like; Trepat, Garrut, Queixal de Llop, Ull de Perdiu and Samsó, as well as Catalan Garnacha. and Sumoll. In our opinion there are making some of the most special and honest wines coming from the region.

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