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Mallorca, Spain

Henrik Falk and Ibon Apezteguia's journey with Panduro embodies a blend of passion, friendship, and a deep respect for the land. Their nomadic beginnings, collaborating with local producers and selecting grapes from trusted farmers, speaks to their resourcefulness and commitment to quality. Their emphasis on minimal intervention winemaking reflects a desire to let the terroir speak for itself, showcasing the unique characteristics of Mallorca and Jumilla. It's evident that they approach winemaking with a blend of reverence for tradition and a spirit of experimentation, striving to create wines that are both well-crafted and authentic.

The acquisition of their own plots in 2021 marks a significant milestone in their journey, providing them with a deeper connection to the land and a greater degree of control over the winemaking process. The small plot of old vines in Mallorca and the Monastrell vineyard in Yecla, aptly named Panduro, symbolise their commitment to quality and their desire to create wines that truly reflect the essence of their terroir. 

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