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Rheinhessen, Germany

Kissinger's vineyards are located in the small town of Uelversheim and cover an area of approximately 8 hectares - all cultivated using holistic farming methods with a focus on sustainability and soil health. The vineyards are planted with a variety of grape varieties, including Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, and Pinot Noir. The soils are primarily limestone and clay, which contribute to the unique flavor profiles of the wines. The grapes are also influenced by the region's cool climate, which allows for a longer growing season and results in wines with high acidity and bright fruit flavors. 


Kissinger is deeply committed to expressing the unique character of his vineyards and the surrounding region through his winemaking. His approach is highly terroir-driven, and he works closely with his vines to ensure that they are healthy and able to produce high-quality grapes. This attention to detail and commitment to sustainable farming practices has helped to establish Kissinger as one of the leading natural winemakers in Germany, producing wines with great vibrancy, elegance and precision.

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