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Languedoc-roussillon, France

Tom Lubbe born in New Zealand, moved together with his family to South Africa, were he first started working in wine vineyards of Welgemeend, Swartland. Eventually starting up a small Garage cellar in Cape Town together with his family, they Called it “The Observatory” (today some very rare wine to enquire). After a few vintages producing wine in Swartland the Thirst for more knowledge brought him to Gérard Gauby his mentors, as he did a several years internship at Domaine Gauby. Tom here also feel in love with Gérard’s sister Nathalie whom he settled in with 2001 in Calce and Started up the Domaine Matassa. Starting off the project small, it slowly grew as Tom would acquire high altitude parcels consisting of old vines, just like his mentors estate.binging grapes that brought more freshness to the mix! Fast foward a few years and today the winery consists of twenty hectares of vineyard consisting of 60 to 120 year old vines now Organically certified, growing through out Calce and Espira-de l´Agly. The winery obviously makes natural wine yet Tom dosen’t share the same belief as many other natural wine makes when it come to intervention ”There is a tendency in the natural wine world to downplay the role of the human making the wine. Which is wrong, I think. Just because we don’t use additives, or much machinery, doesn’t mean that we don’t impact on the grapes”.

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