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Languedoc-roussillon, France

Erik Gabrielson, was working as a successful Lawyer in Sweden for many years until he eventually realized that the vineyards in Southern France was calling his name. Erik quit his job and started reading and doing internships at different wineries until 2006 when he acquired vineyards of his own. The winery Mas Zenitude is located 40 km northwest of Montpellier in the Languedoc region in the small town of in St. Jean de Fos Consisting of 6 hectares of vineyards surround winery. First vintage was produced 2009. Erik Pursues his passion for traditional winemaking that respects the land, the vines and the natural process that transform the fruits of the vineyards into wine. Practicing Biodynamic viniculture aswell as some methods he has developed by his own along the way. As the winery previously was farmed conventionally, Erik had to restored it to its natural ways, as an effect many native birds, insects and other wildlife have made there way back to the vineyards, thus restoring the biodiversity that once exited once again. this clearly shows in the wines as they feel pure & well made, yet there is an certain attitude about them.

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