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Terra Alta, Spain

Laureano Serres took over his family vineyard in 1999. The 5 ha estate is situated between Barcelona and Valencia, near the coast. There, Laureano would cultivate his vines according to the principles of biodynamics, and after a few years of traditional vinification, he completely abandoned the use of sulphur. The whites are vinified in vats, barrels or amphorae, with long fermentations, then slowly decanted so they can be bottled without filtration. The reds are vinified by grape variety (with a maceration of eight days), then they are kept in vats until December, at which point they are blended before being transferred into barrels for ageing. The yields are generally around 20 hl/ha. Laureano says he wants to rediscover the “flavours of the wines of a generation ago, wines which reflect identity of the climate, the earth, and the place”. He is one of the leading players in natural wine in Spain. He has also served as the president of the natural wine association of Spain. 

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