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Loire, France

La Grapperie was founded in 2004, by Renaud Guettier after buying old vineyards from the father in law, located in Bueil-en- Touraine, Coteaux du Loire. Happens to be an area blessed with numerous hidden old parcels of Chenin Blanc and Pineau d’Aunis. At the time his experience with making wine was quite limited, but the love of natural wine which came after studying to become an agronomist in Dijon (the first time he encounter natural wine). Renaud is renowned for his extremely long élevages leaving them 18 and even up to 60 months in old wooden barrels. To sustain himself economically whilst his wines are resting in barrels, Renaud also helps out farming 86 hectares of Cereals. Today he makes wine from 6,5 hectares of vines scattered around the area. Some impressive 100 year old vines, with an average of 80 years old, consisting mostly of Pineau d ´Aunis and Chenin Blanc, with small amounts of Côt, Gamay and Grolleau. For us he is totally carving out a new expression of flavors we yet to have encountered in Chenin Blanc and Pineau d´Aunis.

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