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Mallorca, Spain

Charlie Prymaka founded JUGO VINS in 2020. He came to Mallorca in 2019 to work with Cati Ribot in her cellar in Santa Margalida, helping her make natural wines under her label, Ve D’Avior. For the previous decade, he had worked in wine in NYC, London and elsewhere and, when he could, he worked harvests in the United States (with Evan Lewandowski of Ruth Lewandowski Wines and Scott Frank of Bow & Arrow Wines), in Australia, and in Spain. Now, Charlie and his partner Lauren Duttenhofer are making their own wines in Cati’s cellar with fruit from her vines and other organically farmed parcels across Mallorca. Their focus is mainly on Mallorquin indigenous varieties, and the goal is to produce fresh, vin de soif style natural wines. Wines with names like: Do it Fluid, Molt Bo, Jugosa, and with grape varieties as Syrah, Moscatel, Montenegro, Callet, Escursac and Giro Ros. 

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