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Beaujolais, France

Winegrower gone winemaker. Jean-Francois Debourg is located in the souther part of Beaujolais; Saint-Germain Nuelles. The winery dates back to 1850 and has been passed down from father to son for generations. Consisting of roughly 40 hectares of organically cultivated vineyards (2021 certified organic). Some 20 hectares are currently used for Jeans own Wines he still sells grapes to other cooperatives and other local winemakers. 2016 he made his father very proud by starting to make wines for himself. Jean had meet up with Francois Ecot, his mentor. Francois had taken Jean under his firm wings and showed him the way of natural winemaking. We were first introduced to his wines on a mixed pallet curated by Raphaël Beysang, it was love after first contact! We were blown away about how rich his wines are, the purity in the fruit and the finesse in his vinifications. Showing us a beautiful the expression of pure Fruit Grown on Divers soil!

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