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Beaujolais, France

Jeromes journey in wine began in 2012 after borrowing one hectare of Gamay in his home town Vaux-en-Beaujolais. Growing up with a hobby winemaker of a father (producing wine for own consumption), it was always something that was around him from an early age, always having bottles of wine at home to grab and drink at any moment must have contributed to the love for it. Before Producing wine of his own, Jerome set out on a personal journey though out Asia studying the martial arts as well as indulging in yoga and meditation. This clearly shows in his wines since they seam very spiritual. Jerome is sharing winery together with Cyrill Vuillod in the outskirts of Brouilly. Fermenting his wines in Cyrill´s eggshaped concrete tanks. When it comes to making natural wine, it wasn’t anything new as Jerome has had some internships at Jean-Claud Lapalu & Mathieu Lapierre.

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