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Burgenland, Austria

Have you had the chance to meet the family, maybe you are seeing some familiar faces? At least we hope you have, they are some amazing wines. From a small town that is Oggau located right next to lake Neusiedler in the Burgenland region of Austria a young couple; Eduard & Stephanie Tscheppe are making wine in a 17th century old winery. Previously Edward was making wine together with his father in Styria, whilst Stephanie’s family owed the Michelin starred Restaurant Taubenkobel. just outside of Vienna. The journey of Gut Oggau started in 2007 as they set out the restore this old winery that had been abandoned for the past 20 years. Even though it was a painful process to restore the winery the fact the vineyards were abandoned for so long was actually a blessing, it had given the vineyards time to wash away all the pesticides and previous chemical treatments. After working the wines in the cellar they soon realized the each wine seemed to have such a strong personality. they decided to started working together with a local artist by the name of Jung Von Matt to create the family. Therefore each wine has it’s own name and face drawn on the label to re imagine the persona the wine in-bodies. Currently they have three generations of wines. first generation are made out of single vineyards of old vines, the second are vineyard planted in more sun exposed areas around Uggau and the third generation are made out of younger parcels thus expressing more boldness and energy (easy drinking). the wines of Gut Oggau are highly interactive, you can easily find yourself having a conversation with ’em as they seams to be so alive!

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