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Malmö, Sweden

Straight Outta Malmö Sweden comes everyone’s favourite fruit beverage producers karl Sjöstrom & Mikael Nypelius. The masters-minds behind the phenomenal fruit pet-nat´s commonly known as cider. After working their way up in the restaurant industry (2014) they wanted to take a things a step further and spread the word about good produce especially good beverages. With the intention of building up a bigger and more long-lasting knowledge of natural and better products Karl & Mikael began to import & Distribute natural wines from some of their friends all across Europe. In 2016 the Swedish cider revolution began when FRUKTSTEREO was born in the Cellars of Hällåkra vingård, 30 km outside of Malmö. Today they have there own Production site in the old harbor town in Malmö city. Sweden has an abundance of apples, pears & other fruits and most of them are left abandoned in orchards or gardens. It is a shame that they’re not being utilised. Instead of letting the good fruit go to waste Karl & Mikael makes use the fruit and turns it in to something else then just cider. They are truly Pioneers in there field of Fruit Pet-Nat. Creating these lovely vibrant beverages without adding anything at all.

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