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Toledo, Spain

Nestled in the village of Quero, in the beating heart of La Mancha, an area famed for historic winegrowing and cheese production, Julián Ruiz is the benchmark farmer for organic polyculture in his region.  He grows lettuce, spinach, onions, peppers, potatoes and produces literal tons of fermented black garlic destined for the umami crazed Japanese market.  In addition to his three gardens, Julián cares for a sprawling 38 hectares of sparsely planted vineyards including some of the oldest, ungrafted vines around.  Soft spoken and profoundly curious, Julián is the kind of agricultural sage who can easily get lost in musing over the intricacies of his work.  His wines are historically modelled, oriented around supremely long macerations and minimal fussing. The Sol a Sol is considered a cult wine! 

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