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Pella, Macedonia, Greece

A family winery created in 1985 by Thomas Ligas, Located in, Pella, Macedonia, Greece. The project focuses on old traditional methods and native greek varietals, as many varietals almost disappeared in the 19th century after a big invasion of Phylloxera (a pesty insect, reeking havoc on vines) nearly wiped them all out. They use Varietals Like Roditis, Kydonitsa, Xinomavro, Assyrtiko & Limniona. Today the winery is run by the brother and sister; Jason & Meli Ligas, they managed to kept after the family tradition alive. There approach on Agriculture is fascinating, as they “do nothing”, also known as Kukuoka (look it up, basically like Biodynamics without the cow horns). The slopes of Pella are spoilt with sun and fresh air, making it a great place for the vines. growing on sand and limestone. Despite following mainly adapting traditional method in their winemaking, some aspects of modern technology are used to transform the fruit into wine. Jason has also set out on a Personal quest in Samos a small volcanic island surrounded by the Aegean Sea. With a goal to bringing back and reveal the expression of from this seemingly abandoned super terroir, collaborating with non others Auvergne’s very own super hero; Patrick Boujo, who knows Volcanic soil like the back of his hand.

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