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Friuli, Italy

On the border of Italy and Slovenia, Oslavia, Friuli lies a family run winery. With its roots in biodynamic farming since 1988. The grapes planted used to be sold to other wineries within the region. 1993 Dario Princic first decided to produce wine on his own. It didn’t take long before he started experimenting with skin maturation of his white varietals. Dario had fallen in love with method, since it brought so much complexity and texture to the wines. soon enough he moved all his production to the method of making Orange wines. This quickly lead him to become one the pioneer in the field. Today is is known as one of the founding fathers of orange wine movement in Italy, even though he keeps a low profile (it’s for example very rare to find the man on wine fares as he prefers to remain in the winery tending to his wines). grapes are harvested when ripe, then destemmed and left in open oak containers to macerate (without temperature control), making sure to pushed (basuqueo) 2-3 times a day, always keeping the skins covered with wine. Maceration duration depends on vintage but sometimes left for long duration of time. The juice is pressed gently and pour in to very old oak barrels. here are no additions not even S02.

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