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Savoie, France

Corentin Houillon’s first wine-memories dates back to 1991, when he was foot-treading the Poulsard grapes from the legendary Pierre Overnoy. Having the chance to be fully immersed in such a family from a young age is of course a huge asset. Those experiences were a decisive influence in his decision to become a winemaker, and he went on to study wine in Beaune and Montpellier. Corentin subsequently worked with some stellar estates that are at the forefront of Biodynamic farming in France, such as Domaine Tissot in Jura and Domnique Derain in Burgundy. He then travelled to the New World to broaden his experiences, and finally began making wine in Switzerland under his name for La Ville de Morges, where we first tasted his craft. At that time, he had been looking for a place to start his own project, and that he would not be too far from his native Jura, and close to Switzerland as his wife is from there. Corentin has found a real gem in the Chautagne region, literally a 5 min drive from Marie and Florian Curtet. He is now looking after 5 ha of steep vineyards (Altesse, Jacquère, Pinot, Gamay & Mondeuse) that comes as one single block, all planted on "molasses soils" surrounded by forest. The vineyard has no neighbours at all, just their cellar at the bottom of the hill. Corentin works mainly with concrete tanks and barrels, giving the wines time and oxygen. 

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