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Penedès, Spain

Manel Aviñó, also known as “The Bubble Man” between peers and people in the wine community, is regarded by some as Catalonia’s frontman when it comes to sparkling wines. Producing some of the finest, most consistent bubbles you can encounter from the region. Manel and his brother Joan Aviñó took over over the family farm Can Ramón viticulture del Montgròs del Penedès, Located in the Parc del Garraf (natural park), municipality of Sant Pere de Ribes. 2001 was when the winemaking began taking place, with the idea to conserve the wineries history of producing cava the old school way; respecting Biodynamics, following the lunar Calendar, not spraying harmful chemicals in the vineyards. As it is all about the preservation of heritage and the origin of the traditional winemaking (without intervention), making honest wines from the local varietals growing there. Some of the vineyards were planted in the 14th century by Manels ancestor, making him the 10th generation working on the family farm. Recently Nuria Aviñó, Manels daughter, has also decided to carrying on the family tradition, making wine with Ancestral method. she is currently the youngest winemaker in our portfolio.

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