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Burgenland, Austria

On the north shores of of lake Neusiedler in the small town Gols, one of the youngest members of the Pannobile; Claus Preisinger is making some of the most exiting and joyful wines you can put your lips on, without compromising its complexity. Going back to the older generations style of making honest, transparent wines without any additions, as Claus himself is very sensitive to S02. The winemaking started as a hobby together with his father at a very young age. He took over the winery in 2000 making his first vintage, after a doing an internship at the neighbor winery Bebrüder Nittnaus were more conventional methods were practiced. Claus understood early on the importance of working in symbiosis with nature “Everything starts in the vineyard. You can’t do it in the winery. Everything is about how your vineyards are balanced and if you treat it well”. Today he works on 19 hectares of vineyards consisting of local varietals he has converted in biodynamic practices (certified biodynamic) placed on both sides of lake Neusiedler. We have yet encountered a wine coming from Claus that we don’t like. The question still remains: Can Claus Preisinger make a bad wine? We don’t think so…

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