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Segovia, Spain

Located in the Valtiendas area, Segovia, just a few meters from the Ribera del Duero, CLANDELVINO was born, together with Irene's professional experience and Fernando's entrepreneurial spirit and his involvement and passion for viticulture. In this family winery our priority is respect for the land and the creation of natural wines, of different varieties almost forgotten in the area. The main pillar of this project is our vineyards, without which CLANDELVINO would never have existed. The philosophy is based on environmentally friendly viticulture and based on biodynamics throughout the project, playing with the times, the flavors and they set challenges to make novel and natural wines with varieties that range from the most classic to others that are almost extinct, without the use of any type of chemicals in all the elaboration, from the vineyard to the bottle and Furthermore, they do not filter or clarify the wines. Natural wines with the following white varieties: Verdejo prefiloxérico, Verdejo from old vines, Pirulés (a native variety of the area that is practically extinct and we are trying to recover with hard work on the vineyards), and a pet nat, made by the ancestral method depending on the year of Verdejo or Pirulés. From red varieties CLANDELVINO elaborate an aging with Tempranillo (the variety par excellence of the area) and a carbonic maceration of Bobal grape (called Valencian in our area which is rarely found). In addition, they also make an ancestral rosé of either of these two varieties. In addition, all the processes are carried out in an artisanal way. All the care of the vineyard, the collection of the grapes in boxes, we de-stem part by hand, they press in wooden presses... until the labeling that is made bottle by bottle manually. Por Favor! 

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