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Burgenland, Austria

One of Austria's very own super-star winemakers, cult classic and a living legend. Worshiped by many near and far. Christian cultivates 14 hectares consisting of old vines from the early 19th century, which have been in the family for 4 generations. Located on the very eastern point of the Burgenland Region, Neusiedler. Consisting of sandy gravel, schist and limestone, previous the place has been more known for their big red and sweet wine, until the wine wizard started working his magic at the age of 27. Grapes are hand picked, later on there pressed with a vertical basket press to reenact an old manual screw press. by doing this he only extracts the best part of the juice from the grapes. The remaining juice goes back to the vineyards to maintain good health. When it comes to winemaking Christian is taking a hands-off (”Laissez-Faire”) approach, not intervening unless absolutely necessary. His wines spend a great time (up to 5 years) with contact with oxygen inside big wooden barrels. wines are never racked, to better preserve their freshness. never any additions of S02.

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