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Penedès, Spain

A group of friends fresh out of school (studying viticulture and oenology, as well as having some internships in champagne & burgundy) decided to start making make wine from each respective family’s old vineyards. 2006 was the year Mercè Cuscó, Ramon Jané, Toni Carbó (founder of La Salada) & Ramon Galimanyin started up Mas Candí in Les Gunyoles (Avinyonet del Penedès), at the entrance to the Garraf natural park, Guardiola de Font Rubí, Plà del Penedès and Torrelavit. Consisting of 40 hectares of organic & biodynamic farmed vineyards, Containing Local varieties as this was one of the goals to preserve the history of the regions grape varietals. Present them in an honest and true way by not manipulating nor adding anything, still maintaining a clean more polished expression. Meanwhile Toni Carbó has set out do his on personal project on the side, doing more radical natural wines under the name La Salada; in fact, many of the vilifications are still carried out in the cellers of Mas Candí.

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