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Rheinhessen, Germany

Jonas and his older brother Daniel Brand took over the Family Business in 2014. Making them the fifth generation working the family vineyards in Brockenheim, Pfalz, Germany. which is colder than the rest of the region, this helps to generates the optimal climatic conditions for healthy and juicy grapes to grow. In 1892 the land was used as mix agricultural farm that over the years has become a vineyards and winery. First thing they did was converted 18 hectare of vineyards consisting of local varietals with the help of their father Jürgen into organic Practices. The fermentation of each they’re wines starts spontaneously with wild yeasts. After the fermentation a long time on the lees is obligatory. “The decision to bottle the wine isn’t based on a fix date, each wine needs its own time and the decision to bottle is only made by taste. The natural wines are produced without any additives and without any filtration. This generates lively wines.” – Brand Bros

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