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Badacsony, Hungary

István Bencze is a pioneer of natural winemaking in Hungary. The vineyards are situated on the Szent György hill, in Badacsony, north of the lake Balaton, on south-east facing slopes at 118 to 180 meters altitude. The soil is made up mainly from volcanic basalt with a mix of clay, loess and sand. In the cellar, István likes to take a step back and let the wines ferment spontaneously mainly in amphoras. He prefers not to use any additives in order to preserve the original personality of the varieties and the unique minerality of the volcanic soil.

The main goal at Bencze Birtok is to make wines that show the most of their terroir. István believes that the most essential moment is the picking time. It often happens that a wine is a result of five different harvest dates in order to achieve the desired balance.

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