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Leon, Spain

Víctor Bellmunt, alma mater of the Bellmunt i Oliver Viticultors winery, likes challenges. Almost a decade ago he thought that why make still wines like everyone else, since he could complicate life and create sparkling wines from his small winery in Cabanes. That's how it started, improving results year after year, and not only that, experimenting with new elaborations like the ancestral one, an example of which is the sensational Marenostrum. 

Bodega Bellmunt i Oliver is a small family winery, which began making wines in 2013. It currently produces still wines and sparkling wines with the classic method, 2 fermentations, a second in the bottle and with the ancestral method, a single fermentation completed in the bottle. For some years now they have been working on the production of organic and natural products and the inclusion of native varieties.

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