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Barabas, Hungary

Annamária Réka Koncz (b. 1988), from Vásárosnamény in Hungary, since childhood has always demonstrated a fervent imagination, an immoderate curiosity and an incredible love for nature and for UFOs. When asked as a child what she wanted to do when we were older, the answers were the most varied: ornithologist, biologist or guardian of the forest, but never anything that had to do with wine. The topic came up for the first time in Annamária's life in middle school, when, during a class assignment with the title "What would you like to be?" she wrote: a grape to make a good wine! Never was there a more prophetic phrase: she undertook agronomic studies and graduated with a thesis on vines hybrids. She comes into contact with natural wines, for the first time, during her university years in Copenhagen and from there to make your own wine the step is short; the choice of place falls on 3 hectares of old vineyards with an average age of 60 years located in the Barabas area; the climate very similar to that of the nearby Tokaj region and the varied volcanic and clayey soil they give life to wines with a beautiful acidity and a marked minerality that contrast a clean and elegant fruit. Annamária Réka Koncz is certainly one of the most promising young winemakers and a name we will hear about for a long time.

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