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Castilla y León, Spain

From the abyss of a region with heavily industrialized farms, Manipulative methods, overly oaked & super ripe wines, shines a bright light that is Alfredo Maestro. Being raised amongst the grapevines as a child he began his winemaking journey in 1998, in his home town Penafiel, Valladolid, Castilla y Leon. He started making wines according the the standard of the area, but was not content or convinced by the Results. He wasn’t finding the expression of the land the wines came from. 2003 He started questioning “The Book” which lead him to Improvisation and Self-learning that then set him on the path of biodynamic cultivation and practices that to this day is he’s philosophy. Cultivating his Vineyards as nature intended and respecting indigenous varieties, not adding adding or manipulating, letting the soil speak. Not just giving us very well made wines but also showing us a true expression of Valladolid.

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